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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 21.07.16

After that dreary weather that was last weekend, it is wonderful again to see the sun. Of course, now that I said that, I had probably cursed myself for another grey wet British weekend... Whether it's the lull of the sun's warmth or something else, our office seems a bit quiet right now. Maybe because everybody is too busy jetting off to exotic summer holidays? Like one of our recipients here, Claire (Cornwall, UK).  She's having her birthday tomorrow and her friend Eleanor wants to send her a customised birthday basket with a 'few bits in here which might be handy for your holiday'

803712 CYO

Eleanor chose to include a posh pocket puzzle book, no doubt to keep Claire busy in her travels, a holiday themed flip-flop manicure set, a few face masks to get face ready for the sunny beach glow, and last but not least a foot pumice and foot butter for relaxing your feet after a long walk at your exotic location of choice.

Next up, a basket to a lady who might not be flying off to anywhere anytime soon because she just had a baby girl.

2409462 Cutey Pie Baby Girl

This Cutey Pie - Baby Girl basket is for Agnes (Bangor, NI). Coincidentally, I took the picture without knowing the address, but since it's so near us, rather than sending it by courier, I had volunteered to deliver it myself. This is totally because I'm a lovely and helpful person, and not because I want an excuse to visit the two Pokestops nearby for my Pokemon Go app (I swear I am not addicted, I really am just a casual player!)

Ahem, regardless of where I would be Go-ing after work, the next basket I chose to showcase today is a Sugar Sweet Birthday basket for  Paula (Hindhead, UK)

I chose this basket because I thought it was a perfect specimen of showing how our baskets are a lot bigger than you may think from the photos. Normally, I take a slightly overhead shot because it displays the basket's contents perfectly, but it doesn't do a very good job at giving you the idea of how deep a basket is. So I took an accompanying low angled shot this time. See, our baskets are certainly not lacking in depth!

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