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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gifts 28.07.15

With the launch of our new fruit baskets range, I was super excited to go out to the warehouse today because it would be my first time seeing the baskets all made up in person, instead of through a picture. Except... well, there wasn't any! It seems like any orders with the new baskets had been dispatched yesterday or the day before, and today's orders were all the ones from our already existing range. Oh well, I guess my nosy-ness and curiosity would just have to wait for another day.

I do not see any mangoes today, so I can't gush about that, but I spy with my little eye had caught sight of some donut peaches.

7909511 Floral & Fruit

Also called Saturn peaches, these curiously shaped peaches had been a big hit with my family each time they're in season. I find that they are sweeter than normal peaches, but a lot firmer/harder as well, which is great because I sometimes find soft juicy fruit a bit messy to eat. The basket which has these special seasonal peaches today is the Floral and Fruit basket.

To the next basket, let's go for the popular Boredom Buster.

2409597 Boredom Buster

I've taken so many pictures of this basket that I decided I'd shift things up a little and add some ribbon draped over the edge to give it a bit of style (and also created an awkward moment where I effectively pinched the roll of ribbon right out from under the nose of the new member of staff in the warehouse - whoops) A gentleman from Whitby (UK) had ordered this to be sent to his friend in Manchester hospital. His message for the gift card was a very supportive: "Hey mate, Worried about you. I really hope you're feeling better soon. Always at the end of the phone, just ring."

Now, there was one more fruit basket that I wanted to take a picture of, but it was getting closer to dispatch time and I didn't want to be rude and lurk all over the shoulders of the warehouse team like a hungry vulture waiting for food to be freed up. So instead, I gave the girls their space and decided to mix today's blog up with a fruit alternative instead.

1105662 CYO

This is a basket created by Denise (Ontario, CA), it's a birthday basket where she picked out each individual item for her dad in Limavady, NI. Speaking of products for customer creations, alongside updating and creating new baskets, our team had also been busy at work populating our Create Your Own Gift Basket site with new products. New to it, are some new shortbread and snacks, a brand new 'Well Being' section filled with healthy and organic food products, and also an entirely new selection of fruit collections! Check it out here!


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