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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 21.07.16

Since we are creating new ranges of baskets and also updating some existing ones, there had been a lot of new products to be found in the warehouse nowadays. Like this cute fellow here:

803715 CYO

This cuddly dog pillow friend is super soft and super cuddly. His belly is made of smooth material which makes him comfy to put your head on since he doubles up as a small pillow. It's going with a customer creation basket made by Michell (London, UK) and it's going to Ashley who isn't very well and is in hospital right now. Michelle was very helpful and not only included a ward name for Ashley, but she got all the details down to which floor the ward is on, which wing of the hospital and even Ashley's bed number! You definitely can't fault Michelle on organisation and preparation here.

The next basket is another get well gift, this time heading over to a different hospital, one in Birmingham and it's for a dear uncle of Muneeba (Islamabad, PK)

2409463 Flowers to Say - Get Well

I actually cheated a bit with this Flowers to Say - Get Well basket. As the name suggests, there is a flowering plant with this gift basket. So why isn't it in the picture, you ask? Well, you see, there is a very good reason. The plants that we have are both still sitting in their tray at the other side of the warehouse. Now it's not because I'm lazy on walking over there, but rather that they are still a bit damp at the bottom from the watering they had. So rather than getting the worktops messy just because I wanted a quick photo, I figured it's better to leave the plants be and let them enjoy the light from the windows before they get ribboned and wrapped up for transit.

Now let's have a look at the brand new updated version of Hug You Better.

2409504 Hug You Better

The old Hug You Better did not have fruit, rather it focused more on baked goods. The new one have a huggable bear surrounded by a gorgeous splash of colour in the form of fruits. It also have one of our new products, Nim's Fruit Crisps. You can read about these lovely crisps here.  The one receiving this cute basket of pick me up items is Pamela (Wigan, UK). Hope you feel better soon.

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