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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 29.06.16

For the past two days, I had been doing calculations for the brand new fruit baskets range we are currently working on. I'm super looking-forward to seeing these go online because they are just gorgeous and I can't wait to start taking pretty pics of them during daily dispatch days. But, like I said, I'm still in the process of working out the numbers for them so they won't be online just yet.

In the meantime, our existing fruit baskets would just have to satisfy my love for bright colourful arrangements instead.

1002468 5 Star Fruit

This 5 Star Fruit basket fits the bill perfectly. Look how fresh everything looks! The gift message attached to this basket was a bit chuckle-worthy as well. The sender wishes the recipient  (a patient in a London hospital) a speedy recovery so that they can get back to 'stalking 80s sitcom celebrities' together again. Sounds to me like one of the best reasons to get better.

And for a recipient who is not going to stalk any 80s sitcom celebrities after her recovery (at least the message doesn't give it away, whether they are indeed going to do it is another story), Diane in Bray, IE is getting a Get Well Fruit Basket for Her.

7909365 GW Fruit Basket for Her

It contains a selection of juicy fruit, a juicy celebrity magazine and a puzzle set that is set to puzzle out your brain juices. Every time I see the Bamboozler sets in our baskets, I am always mighty tempted to crack open the box and give the puzzle a go. I'd probably fail at it so badly that I'd end up being very frustrated about it for the rest of the day though, so that may not be a good idea during a work day.

Now, I usually do not take any pictures of baskets once they had been wrapped. The reason for it is that I find the cellophane wrap rather reflective and I often don't get a clear picture of the contents inside. But, we have these really sweet messaged ribbons in stock and had been using them on the baskets so they just had to be shown off.

This Fruit Oasis basket had been decorated with a 'Hope You Like It' ribbon. It's going to the 'best brother and uncle' of the sender. We also have ribbons of Congratulations, Mum in a Million, Thank You etc. It makes the basket look extra endearing, doesn't it?



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