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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 15.06.16

Because of all the baskets and hampers leaving our warehouse today, the worktops were really pressed for space in the packaging area. As such, the fruit baskets were all still left in the assembly section. But the lighting in that section was as good for taking photos with... Therefore, I had no choice to do a bit of baskets shuffling to make more room and bring one fruit basket over, snap the pictures, then awkwardly make my way back with it. I am certain that had anybody looked at me during my transporting of the baskets, they would have probably thought I was carrying something that could fall apart in my hands any second! These fruit baskets are heavy! And fruits roll! I almost dropped a clementine and an apple when they threatened to roll right off the edge as I was passing the fridges.

2408946 Ultimate Get Well For Him

Even Brody the bear in this Ultimate Get Well Gift For Him basket looked a bit nervous with me transporting him - haha. Thankfully, he caught the rolling fruits for me with his squishy lap. I'm sure he would do the same and protect all contents of this magnificent basket until it reaches its new owner, Damien (London, UK) and help in the road of recovery.

The next fruit basket was a lot easier,. It's a 5 Star Fruit gift basket.

1105609 5 Star Fruit

The team had packed the fruit nice and stable so I could lift and carry it with very little problem. Wouldn't want Larry (Delvin, IE) to be receiving this with any bruised plums and oranges, right? Especially when it's a Father's Day gift from Micke and Sue, just across the water from him in Didcot, UK.

The last basket to feature in today's blog, is a thank you basket.

504426 Flowers & Bakery

Laura (Dublin, IE) had only just recovered from being ill. She had ordered a Flowers and Bakery gift basket to be sent to the hospital staff who had been taking care of her during the time she wasn't feeling well. We hope the nurses and doctors at the ward would enjoy this gift, and the flowers would bring a spot of cheerfulness for them and their patients.



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