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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 07.06.16

I actually overheard Roma talking about this one this morning.

901086 Champagne 18, 21, 30th Birthday

It was a Champagne 18th, 21st or 30th Birthday basket and the sender had requested a generic version of the basket instead of a specific age. Not only that, but they had also enquired if it was possible to either have a kitten picture on the mug or a plain Happy Birthday message. We would love to have kitten mugs (or I would love it) but I don't think they're very common? But we do have a reach nice Happy Birthday mug which is just perfect and waiting for a cuppa to be poured in. Happy Birthday, Georgia! We hope you enjoy the basket. The cake is lush, I tell you. LUSH!

Georgia isn't the only one having a birthday tomorrow either. Caoimhe in Newtownabbey, NI is celebrating hers as well.

2408764 All Things Nice Birthday

This All Things Nice Birthday basket was ordered by (take a deep breath here) Matthew, Conor, Michelle, Leah, Jako, Mum, Dad, Ted, Melissa and Kiersten. And they had actually written the birthday song out as their gift card message. How sweet! I actually had to read the message twice because I thought we had a printing error and the system printed the same words in the message again, turns out it was the words in the song. Haha, silly me.

The last gift basket is a Gourmet Cheese & Wine.

1105595 Gourmet Cheese & Wine

This classy looking basket (or would it be considered small hamper? The lines blur a little sometimes) was ordered by a customer in Orpington/ It's going to Suzanne and Bill in Camborne with the mysterious message of 'Looking forward to the weekend'. Is something happening this weekend? Is the sender going to pay them a visit? Are they all going somewhere? Is there some big event I don't know of? Actually, the important question should be, once the sender joins them, would there be anything left in this basket for them to enjoy as well?


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