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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 02.06.16

Wow, I cannot belive that the fair weather is still here! It's been, what, almost a week? Keep at it clear skies! Don't go cloudy yet! This weather calls for perfect barbeques and picnics, now we just need a reason to have said barbeque and picnic. Lucky for some, such as little Sarah (Maynooth, IE), they have the perfect excuse to have some outdoor party food - her birthday!

7909206 Toys for Girls

Eoin and Kelsey had ordered Sarah as Toys for Girls 5-7 Years as a terrific birthday present. It has some sweeties to help sate that sweet tooth on her big day, a Tell The Time game, an ever popular Frozen jigsaw (Let it gooooooo~)and a Glitter Pendant set. The pendants look really fun to make! Even I want to give it a try!

Sarah isn't the only one having a birthday tomorrow either. Pelin (London, UK) is celebrating their 30th birthday as well with this 18th, 21st or 30th Birthday Basket!

1002434 30th Birthday Basket

I was in the middle of photographing a different basket when Roma came rushing out to the warehouse regarding this basket. Apparently the sender had got the gender wrong for the basket, Pelin is female, not male, and there was a rush to change the mug and balloon to something more girly as per requested. Except.... well, neither Roma and I knew where the mugs were kept in the warehouse and didn't want to risk the team's neat stock organisation, so all we could do was leave a big note on the paper to change the items when the team gets back from lunch.

Speaking of mugs, this one is one of my favourite mugs in our range.

Grandad Mug Close Up

The message on it is so sweet and really makes you smile fondly at it. You can find this mug in the Grandad version of our Grandad/Dad's Birthday basket.

2408733 Grandad-Dad's Birthday

Sean (Belfast, NI) would be receiving this one tomorrow. It was ordered by his daughter and grandchildren in Frederick, USA late last night (afternoon US time) The basket contains some traditional baked goods such as cookies, tea cake and sticky toffee chocolates. It really gives this warm, traditional and family kind of feel, doesn't it?


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