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New Product - Cocofina Coconut Water

Just arrived into our warehouse is the latest new product we are introducing into our latest range of Gift Baskets, Cocofina's 100% Pure Coconut Water. The company was founded in 2004 by Jacob Thundil who was born in Kerala (which means land of the coconut trees in Sanskrit). Jacob grew up enjoying coconuts so the business came naturally to him. He set out to find the best tasting coconuts and discovered a special species. Cocofina received it's first' Excellence in Food & Drink Award' in 2005. Their aim is still to serve healthy and yummy coconuts to the world.


Cocofina products are made from the right coconuts with no hidden ingredients, additives or preservatives.  The Brand represents a healthy, honest and quality product.  Their focus on taste is reflected in the quality of their coconuts.  As they continue to grow they will continue to contribute to the local communities.

Coconut water can be enjoyed by itself as a healthy drink, to hydrate and refresh you.  It can also be added to fruit juice or even used in cooking or cocktails.  Here is my favourite recipe.

Tai Me Down Cocktail;

3 x parts coconut water

1 x part passion fruit liqueur

2 tablespoons shredded coconut (optional)

Shake with ice half coconut water with the liqueur. Strain over the coconut flesh in a glass.  Add the remaining coconut water.  I would also add the flesh of half a passion fruit, yummy!

We all got to taste test this delicious new drink & were surprised at how lovely & sweet it was. Even those of us who aren't big coconut fans really enjoyed the taste. We really think these drinks will add that extra special touch to our new fruit baskets launching this summer. Stay tuned for details.

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