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'Grow Your Own' Potential Products

It's that time of the year when seeds can be planted, either inside or out ready for a lovely display of summer flowers or herbs or 'Beany Messages?'  Well Lynne, as you know, has been sourcing new seed products and another possibility is' Beans Talk', from Beecycle Ltd.  This fun product allows you to send a message such as 'Happy Birthday', 'Best Wishes', 'Good Luck' or 'Surprise', on beans which you plant in pretty coloured water gel beads.  When these shoot up you are able to read your message.  There is no mess and an assortment of coloured beads is provided.  You simply soak these and place into a clear plastic globe, plant the beans, then wait!

Beans Talk

The second product which we are trialling is 'Gro' Pots' from the same company.  There are several varieties to suit your mood but the one we have is Sunflowers, marketed under the heading of 'Grow Some Smiles'.  These come complete in their own pretty box with a gel pack, soil pellets and seeds.  Simply soak the pellets for 15 mins and place on top of the gel pack in the box. Add the seeds and wait.  We planted them 5 days ago and every one has grown already.

Gro Pots Sunflowers

The third new product is the Green Gift Monster's (the retail site of Beecycle) 'Grow Herbs' with self watering beads. This comes complete with a pretty hessian sack which you use with a waterproof bag to grow your herbs in. Simply soak the soil pellets with the water beads and place in the sack.  Sprinkle the seeds, ours are basil, and wait.  I only planted these today as I lost them last week so I will let you know how long it takes!

Jute bag basil

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