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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 24.05.16

Sunny, sunny, sunny - that is what today is. Hopefully it would stay this way and not revert to the stormy rain we had a few days ago because my cousins are planning a day out this week somewhere for a picnic (weather permitting). Last time we had a picnic, we completely cheated on the food and just went and bought a bucket of fried chicken. But hey, not everybody gets a hamper of food delivered to them where all you need is a few bits and bobs to make the perfect picnic spread, like the following hampers:

2408572 Champagne Connoissuer

One of a smaller hampers, the Champagne Connoisseur (I always have problems spelling this one) is perfect for a picnic for an indulgent one, or a generous sharing two. Shireen (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK) ordered this one for Rachael (Leeds, UK). They both have the same surname so maybe they're related? We cannot really tell though since Shireen had not provided us with a gift message. Thankfully, Victoria is on top of the game and had already contacted them to see if this was intentional or not.

901083 GTA Silver

Potential picnic hamper number two! Great Taste Award Silver. Mmmm, this one is one of my favourites. It's perfect for a very greedy one person (yours truly), or for sharing between a few friends and family members (no, really, you don't need to help me eat this, I can really handle it myself) Unfortunately, the hamper and I are simply not meant to be. It's actually going to Terry and Marilyn in Gosport, UK as thank you for organising such a fun trip for Lucia and Sid in New York!

Now for the best potential picnic hamper of today's dispatch:

2408606 GTA Gold

This beautiful Great Taste Award Gold hamper is going as a thank you present to Simon and Charlotte's parents in Woking, UK. Even I cannot say I can eat it all myself. definitely needs some help with this one. In fact, I don't even think I can make more than 30 steps carry this hamper. I'd probably have to find me some extra muscle or else I'd need rests every few metres! It has everything! preserves, snacks, cheese, salmon, ham, biscuits, cake, chocolate, tea, coffee, sweeties and more.

So..... does anybody know any good picnicking spots?




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