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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 19.05.16

I accidentally wrote the gift baskets blog into the gift hampers blog post - whoops! Nothing a quick title change and edit can't sort though, no worries. Sometimes, I have difficulty finding enough of a certain category to write about. Don't get me wrong, it's not that we don't have enough baskets or hampers of each category being sent out, it's just that the warehouse team are very quick and sometimes I go out there and things are all packed! Curse my own slowness! Most of the time, it's fruit baskets that I have problems with, but in a twist of fate, fruit baskets were the ones I finished up with first today. And hampers was last on my list.

Well, leaving the best to the end, right?

2408535 Gourmet Wine Celebration

Let's start off with this fantabulous Gourmet Wine Celebration hamper. This hamper had proven very popular in the last few months. Today's one was ordered by Joanne from Norwich, UK and is going to Mick (also from Norwich) as a 60th birthday present! Oh wow! Milestone birthdays are the best!

Now, you all know what our Great Taste Award Chrome hamper looks like, right? It's always so fine-looking and is a definite eye-catcher. But sometimes,as perfect as the Chrome is, you just want to add a bit of something. Just that bit of little extra to make it even more perfect. Then how about a salmon and ham pack?

7909138 GTA Cold Chrome

The Great Taste Award Cold Chrome is exactly like the Great Taste Award Chrome hamper, but with an additional cool pack of smoked salmon and hand carved sliced ham. This makes the hamper that much more on the savoury side and the meats goes so, so well with the cheese in the hamper too. The one who ordered this hamper today was Jo (Irvine, UK) and it's going to Loretta (Ranelagh, IE). Jo had unfortunately not specified what occasion the hamper is for, but no matter what it's for, we are sure the hamper would be received in charms and smiles because it's just so versatile.

Last but not least, we have a Great Taste Award Titanium Duo hamper heading for delivery in Dublin tomorrow.

7909134 GTA Titanium Duo

Annette had organised this gift for Mary to send her all the love, best wishes and also to let her know that she and the boys are thinking of her. The message may be short and simple, but your can tell the hearts and care placed in writing it. We hope you enjoy this wonderful gift, Mary.

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