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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 16.05.16

Monday has rolled around once again & it's the start of a very busy week for me. I've to fit in work, childminding, the hairdressers, a pregnancy scan, a 60th birthday party...oh and the small matter of packing & moving house!

The Tee Total hamper is exactly that, completely alcohol free and that includes the chocolates and sauces etc rather than simply having no bottles of alcohol inside. Alcohol free hampers are some of our most popular as it is what we specialise in. The number of delicious jars of treats and biscuits and chocolates is overwhelming when wine isn't taking up a large percentage of the budget and contents. Sometimes the assurance of no alcohol is required by our customer for the purposes of the recipients diet or religion or simply personal taste. This hamper was ordered by a gentleman in Manchester as a 60th Birthday present for a family friend in Dublin.
Tee Total

The first thing I noticed about this Great Taste Award Silver hamper was the wonderful coffee aroma when I lifted the lid off. It really smelt delicious, especially as I have to limit my caffeine in take with baby on board. It was also full of other award winning snacks such as chocolate truffles, creamy cheese and toasted soda breads. Ordered as a thank you gift by a company in San Francisco to thank a couple in London for their help with a recent sales pitch. They said they couldn't have done it without their insight and help & so this gift was to show their appreciation.

GTA Silver

This nut-fest "Create Your Own" gift was designed by another company in the US to both congratulate and thank their partners in Banbury on a successful "Go Live" project. They included lots of items that are great for sharing like the nuts, lemonade, wine, chocolates and fruity bars along with some executive toys as stress relievers perhaps!

CYO 803613

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