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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 31.05.16

Those of you who had received our gift baskets would know that gift messages are printed out and not hand written. We have reasons for this of course. It minimises error, time and the risk of the recipient not being able to make out our handwriting. But sometimes, we do get the occasionally customer who specifically requests for the message to be handwritten into the card instead. We understand that it does give a different, personal feel, but well.... the card sometimes get passed around the admin desk as we try to figure out who has the nicest handwriting to do the job - we're not too shabby but I won't say calligraphy is a talent I have! And even then, we practice it a few times on a spare bit of paper first.

And today, we have one of those requests.

504411 Flowers To Say - Birthday

This Flowers to Say - Birthday basket was ordered by Tom (Missisauga, US) and it's going to Flo (Limerick, IE). Tom not only wanted to send this beautiful basket, but he wanted a bottle of red wine to go with it as well - you can see is nestled amongst the fruit. And then he requested for the message in the card to be handwritten.... well, I tried my best! Honestly, I'm a bit proud at how it looked actually, I even used a ruler to make sure I wrote straight and not dip off in a wonky line like I tend to.

Speaking of customising a basket, let's have a look at a customer creation with fruit in it.

803636 CYO

My favourite fruit too! Mangoes! Yummy! And pineapple (I am hopeless at cutting and preparing them though; I just hand them to my dad to do it) The basket is going to a hotel in Carlisle, where Harry is staying. His wife sent it as a surprise and suggest in the note that since she cannot be there with him, for Harry to open the gift with her over Skype and have a.... Skype picnic? Might want to ask the hotel for a knife for the pineapple though...

Now, if you don't have the time to go the full customisation route, our pre-made baskets are there to help you and there are plenty to choose from as well, so there is bound to be one which strikes your fancy. How about a Flowers & Chocolate basket?

2408675 Flowers & Chocolate

You can't go wrong with this one right? Who doesn't like flowers? Who doesn't like chocolate? Today's basket is actually being sent as an apology gift to Sasha's neighbour in Northampton. By the sounds of it, Sasha and family seems to be going through something in their house which might be disrupting the neighbour's peace (perhaps building work) and they wanted to send this as a gift for apology and thanking them for their patience. Oh dear... I hope I wouldn't have to do something like this in the future, I have a lot of neighbours to send to if I do!


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