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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 19.05.16

As you have gathered from last Thursday's blog entry, I had been away on holiday for a bit. Well, now I'm back in good ol' UK and thank goodness, I had not missed our weather so much before! It's actually such a good sight to see normal British weather because whilst I was abroad, I had experienced not one, not two, but three storms! (One of which I had to fly through - most nerve-wracking indeed for little ol' me) It was amazing I managed to get anything done at all on my trip. And now I'm back, still recovering from jet lag but catching up with work in a nice and refreshed pace.

And nothing is a happier sight than a fresh basket of fruit and flowers!

1002406 Flowers & Fruit

The Flowers and Fruit gift basket ordered today is going out for delivery tomorrow to Pat in Wimborne, UK who is having their 85th birthday! Woo! Coincidentally, today we are going to have a staff meeting for fresh ideas on some of our existing basket categories on the website, and one of the topics on the agenda is to discuss everything that comes to your mind from the word 'Birthday Gift Basket' . What comes to your mind? Bright and vibrant are definite contenders on my list.

When I was away, I had actually caught a cold/cough on the plane heading to my destination. It was all rather nasty and very disheartening because I was supposed to be enjoying my time off. How I wished I could have gotten the following get well gift to brighten my day.

2408536 Extra Fruity

Extra Fruity gift basket! Okay, so maybe I'm not too fond of the melon component if I did get the basket, but the colours! It's just a burst and splash of life that I would have needed to perk me back up in the middle of being unwell and looking at miserable storm clouds (I swear, the whole sky was white with lightning at one point). The lucky patient getting this lovely basket tomorrow though is Sarah (Kingston Upon Thames, UK) It seems like Sarah isn't the only one feeling poorly as the sender's note suggests that 'the boys' needs some vitamins to keep their strength up as well. Oh dear!

Now, what if you had been sick for a while and is well... rather tired of being sick? I know I have those moments. Where you're just so bored of lying there, staring at the ceiling and wondering if you should either sleep more for are you brave enough to get out of bed test if the floor still spins when your feet touches it. Thankfully, our Keeping Busy Get Well basket is set to drive away that boredom.

2408516 Keeping Busy Get Well

With a cheery balloon, an array of pretty colourful fruit, some baked goodies to nibble on and a whole puzzle to work on, this is the perfect way to keep your mind and hands busy. As a jigsaw fan, sign me right up for this gift basket. I hope the recipient in Hereford enjoys it. Ravensburger does some really lovely jigsaws.


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