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Taste Test Thursday: Nim's Fruit Crisps!

Here at BG we were taken on a magical taste bud journey this Thursday and taking us there was the refreshing and fun Nim's Fruit Crisps.


Nim’s are a unique range of innovative, delicious, crispy snacks. They are not to be confused with dried fruit, freeze-dried fruit or chewy baked fruit, so to introduce you to these snacks, here are some fun facts:

• Nim’s are made from only the freshest fruit with no additives or preservatives of any kind. They are simply sliced and dried into delicious, crunchy crisps to enhance their natural flavour
• Each 20g – 22g bag of Nim’s has under 75 calories
• Nim’s are so healthy each bag counts as one of your Five A Day!
• Each bag of Nim’s has 2 different fruits, carefully balanced to complement each other
• All fruits in Nim’s (except pineapple) have skin, core and pips left in, making them a far more wholesome and natural product
• Nim’s are high in fibre, high in Vitamin C, fat and gluten free and are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs.


In the office we got to try the Pear, Apple, Melon & Orange and Pineapple & Kiwi! We were all pretty new to these crisps with most of us trying them for the first time, I was also pretty excited as I was just looking at snacks like this the night before as I am trying to be a little more healthy this year!


So kicking us off was the Pear Crisps which were a favourite by Andrea and Selina, this was because they were the smallest of all the crisps, making it super easy to nibble on! It you like more sweet than tangy, these are your go to crisps! Kate also mentioned how these crisps are so enjoyable it is more like a sweet dessert, as crisps are usually a guilty snack but these are only full of goodness :)

Next up was the Melon & Orange Crisps... these smelt FANTASTIC! Very refreshing and zingy, you are surrounded by the fresh orange aroma and the melon is a lovely and soft accompaniment. One thing that I noticed with these crisps is that you really don't lose any flavour, which makes these crisps luxuriously fruity.  This was a favourite of our little helper, Annabel who loved the orange but got a bit of a shock with the taste of the very ripe and tangy orange rind! (As did I, cue the scrunched up faces)


Now for one that we all tucked in to, the Apple Crisps.  These were a favourite of mine and Lynnes as they were lovely and easy to eat. Lynne particularly enjoyed these as she liked how they were a good size and the flavour was scrumptious, definitely making a great snack for kids! Lynne even came up with the awesome idea of combining various flavours of the crisps, making one hell of a funky fruit salad of crisps!


Finishing us off was the Pineapple and Kiwi Crisps and trust me when I say, these may be last but absolutely not least! These were the favourites of Laura, Kate and Roma, due to the exotic flavour. These were also nice and crunchy with Kate mentioning that 'they wouldn't last long' in her house.

Roma also mentioned how these took her back to her childhood, when her Grandmother would hand make dried fruit snacks on the stove back in Lithuania :)


So as you can tell, we all thoroughly enjoyed our Taste Test and don't forget to look out for what exciting products are coming up soon!

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