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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 27.04.16

I think I said this last year but I am fairly sure that April is one of the months which has the most birthdays. It could just be because my family and relatives' birthday fall into this month the most (off the top of my head, I can count 3 cousins, my brother and my mum). So birthday baskets for being dispatched this month stands out a lot more to me, because I cannot help but think 'oh! Another April baby!'

'Another April baby' indeed, as the newest to join the April birthday ranks is a little baby boy who had just arrived in Adrian's household in Newtowngore, IE.

7909044 Organic Baby Gift Basket - Boy

The sender also apologises in their gift message for not having learnt the family's new addition's name yet, but no matter what name the parents give him, Brian & Grainne (the senders) cannot wait to meet him and is much looking forward to spoiling him as much as they can when they do. They're already spoiling him, the Natalia set in this Organic Baby Gift Basket has a booklet guide to teach mummy and daddy how to give their little one a massage.

Speaking of spoiling, don't just spoil the baby. Spoil the mummy too,! New mums especially as they take their first step towards this grand new adventure of cuddly babies with heart-melting smiles, adorable clothes and last but not least, waking up multiple times in the night to take care of hungry little crying mouths.

2408208 New Mother Survival Surprise

This New Mother Survival basket is perfect for treating new mums. It has a gorgeous scented candle (mandarin peach today, it's soooooo nice!), a magazine to unwind to and choccies to munch on. Let's not forget the wooden birth certificate holder. No excuse for losing the certificate now. I wish my mum had one for me, she constantly needs to rummage through the entire house to find my certificate each time I need it to apply for something...

For my last basket, let's move away from baby and mummy gifts and look at something different.

2408169 Gourmet Pathway

Stephanie wants to send Jan and George (Wetherby, UK) a Gourmet Pathway gift basket as thank you for all their hospitality towards them and their family on the run up to their wedding. My sister actually did the same thing. Pre-wedding help is greatly appreciated and every little bits counts. A gift basket to say thank you is just so perfect. In fact, so perfect that my sister sent out more than one!


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