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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 27.04.16

When somebody is experiencing a difficult time, it's always nice to let them know that they are in your thoughts. Flowers may be nice, but a selection of food works a lot better for myself and a lot of our customers. Which is why, we have a basket specifically titled Thinking Of You.

2408207 Thinking of You

A collection of fruit, a tea cake to share, some biscuits to snack on alongside cheese and chocolates, all designed to be easy to eat. The fruit to help reinvigorate, the chocolates and tea cake as a sweet treat, and biscuits and cheese for some cold snacking. Perfect things to help them through the day during difficult times.

For other difficult times, such as if the person is ill, then you can send a different kind of fruit basket. How about our popular Boredom Buster baskets?

2408209 Boredom Buster

Today's basket is going to Anne (London, UK) and it's being sent to her in hospital. Many times, people forget to let us know what ward or room the patient may be staying in and we would have to send them an email asking if they have such information, as it is understandable very difficult to figure out who and where the recipient may be in a large hospital. Not Doug though. He came prepared and had not online included the ward Anne is staying at, but also the contact telephone number for the hospital.

And if that is not enough to perk up somebody who is feeling a tad ill, let's go to the next get well basket option.

2408210 Pick Me Up For Him

One of our Pick Me Up Baskets! The one shown above is a Pick Me Up for Him basket. In my mind, it's like the Boredom Buster basket PLUS. With even more items and food to distract and preoccupy a mind which might be a rather bored from staying in bed all day long, this basket is bound to keep them busy for a while. Interestingly, the sender also said in their gift card that this gift would hopefully keep the recipient and another person busy. Oh my! Two sick people in the house. I hope they feel better soon!



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