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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 20.04.16

Are my eyes deceiving me here, but are we actually experiencing - gasp - good weather? We are! And boy, does the warehouse look much brighter when the sun shines. Is it just me or does this natural light makes all the difference on fruit? It seems to make them that much more vibrant, alive and... tempting.


504391 Extra Fruity

They do, right? Especially the yellow plums there. They look so yummy! Or I could just be going through a fruit craving phase. Last month I was eating lots of Dorito crisps, and this month, I had been eyeing up pears, peaches and plums with a lot of interest. Well, it's certainly a much healthier thing to be craving and eating lots of, right?

Back to the basket, this yummy looking number is the Extra Fruity gift basket, ordered Jessica over in the States, and it's going to her friend Leanne (Huntsown, IE). Jessica had the sweetest message attached as well: "your friendship means so much to me <3 You always say the exact thing I need to hear. I can't thank you enough for always being there and always being you (AWESOME!)"

As someone who has a friend going through a difficult time right time right now, the sentiments behind this messages rings extra true. Sticking by them through thick and thin means a lot during these hard times and your being there matters a lot more than you think even if you did mess up your words sometimes (I know I do) when you're trying to help them back on their feet.

And if you are indeed like me and have a record of stumbling over your words occasionally, then it might be easier to show your care through a gift instead, like this aptly named Flowers To Say basket.

2408112 Flowers To Say

It's perfect for all occasions. Whether you want to say thank you, apologise, congratulations, express your sympathies, or just felt like sending the other person you thoughts and love, this gift is suitable for all. Today, this basket is a birthday gift from two parents in Hong Kong to their daughter in London. And tomorrow, it might be a different occasion altogether. It's always so amazing to see how versatile this gift basket is in expressing the sender's wishes.

Speaking of occasions, what occasions seems to happen the most the moment the weather starts to perk up? Yes, weddings! Just yesterday I received a call from a lady who wants to send a gift to a hotel's bridal suite as a surprise for the wedding couple when they check in.

7909000 Flowers & Treats

This elegant and pretty Flowers and Treats basket had been packaged with extra notes on the box to let the hotel staff know which room the couple would be staying, and instructions for them to leave it in the suite. We even arranged for the gift to be delivered one day earlier than the wedding couple's arrival, just to make sure the staff has time to sneak it into the room before they get there.

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