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April Fools Day Pranks & Gifts

Today we welcome the start of April, and along with it April Fools Day. We've all just been talking about the best April Fool jokes we've heard of, although no-one has attempted anything so far. It's only up to 12 noon traditionally isn't it, so 15 minutes to hold out!

I was reading how Google's joke has backfired when they added a funny minion GIF button to Gmail. Unfortunately quite a few businesses use Gmail and so didn't see the funny side when emailing it to important clients/bosses by mistake. That's always the danger with practical jokes, going one step too far and it no longer being funny.

I was hoping we might get a crazy request for an unusual gift basket, one with an animal or something rude in it perhaps!

We have had some pretty unusual requests over the years that we originally thought may be a joke. The most recent was a gift basket for a baby foal, but this was indeed genuine and looked really well! Other requests included a basket of lemons for a 'bitter' person and a vegetable basket.

A joke gift or present is quite a popular way to fool someone. Like wrapping a really small present up in a giant box or in a designer shop bag only for the recipient to discover it's only a chocolate bar. A cruel one our Uncle performed one time was to present his girlfriend with a ring box, only for her to excitedly open it & find a polo mint inside! Now that is a cruel, non-gift!

Have you been fooled today, or in the past by anyone? Or are you the one who likes to play the practical jokes? We'd love to hear your stories.

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