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A Week In The Life Of A Baskets Galore Customer Service Advisor

Happy Tuesday Folks! I can barely believe that we are almost done with the month of April, I have been pretty busy this month with some extra work to catch up on now most of our most popular occasions are over. The next big occasion isn't until Father's Day but that doesn't mean it's slack around the BG Office as a Customer Service Advisor.

How I Helped A Customer:

During my daily tracking of your Gift Baskets, there can be address problems and yesterday included one. Our customer Pam was sending a Get Well Gift to her grandson Finley but DHL couldn't deliver... I contacted Pam and it seemed that the address was correct, I then called DHL who advised the postcode was slightly incorrect, Uh-Oh!

It was an easy fix though, I searched for the correct postcode and delivery was rescheduled for the very next day. Pam was very grateful and pleased to hear her little soldier will be getting his Gift very soon :)


Something Nice/Rewarding That Happened:

One of my many jobs includes live chatting with you folks, and last week I was contacted by our lovely customer Josue. He was unfortunately not able to make his friend's wedding and needed a Gift Basket... First thing before their wedding the next day :O Now we can never guarantee or specify a time, we can only ask the couriers for these kind of time slots but it seems luck was on our side, take a look at Josue's fantastic Review via our site:

'I am so impressed with the service I have received! I managed to order a basket on Wednesday for delivery on Thursday. I was sending the basket to friends of mine who got parried on Thursday so I asked if possible that the basket arrived the morning of delivery as I wanted them to receive it before their wedding and it DID!

This made their important day even more special. It is just a shame that I didn't get to try any of the goods in the basket... maybe I need to order one for myself! I look forward to using them again.  Josue P '


Something Difficult/Frustrating That Happened:

As mentioned, I have a lot of jobs as a BG Customer Service Advisor and again when I track your Gift Baskets and the courier cannot locate the delivery address, I need to contact the recipient. This can prove difficult sometimes when we are provided an incorrect or old contact for your recipient. For example, yesterday Nightline could not locate an address and there was no way of contacting the recipient, I then have to await the senders response from my enquiry for a new number, which is usually met with some hostility so I need to resolve the situation so I have a happy customer and a delivered Gift Basket.


Best Gift Basket:

Today I have TWO fantastic versions of a refreshed BG favourite: The Great Minds Gift Basket. These have been amazingly tailored to cater to your every needs when under the weather or brighten your day for any occasion.

First up: Great Minds For Him - This is filled with a variety of puzzles and reading material to challenge the grey matter. A bottle of refreshing sparkling lemonade and a selection of fruity themed blood sugar raising agents will boost brain power, and results in a unique gift that will bring brighten his day!


We then have the beautifully womanized Great Minds For Her which holds the same quality products as the male version, this just caters to all the woman out there, perfect!


Most Excited Purchaser:

This week, we received a Create Your Own Gift Basket from our customer Mustafa who wants to send a Gift Basket to his sister... in July! Talk about being organised, Mustafa is super excited for when he gets to see his creation come to life for his sister's Birthday, so watch this space ;)


Something Funny That Happened:

Occasionally, we have deliveries come through the office for items such as printer paper/water/Gift Cards etc. So Today everyone was quite busy so I checked the items and was about to sign for the delivery when the driver couldn't find his pen.

He was so confused as he had it when he came in, so I helped him look for it, acting like two headless chickens we were then able to conclude that there was a massive hole in his back pocket that let out his pen! There's never a dull moment here at the BG Office ;)



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