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Spring Forward An Hour This Sunday

Is it just me or has March been an incredibly busy month, that happens to have gone by in a flash? I was just saying to the other girls in the office that it seems like no time at all we were just welcoming the arrival of March and now next week is April.

This weekend is Easter weekend, and it's also the start of British Summer Time. As of 1am on Sunday 27th March we need to adjust our clocks forward an hour, although many clever devices do it automatically these days. Daylight saving was originally brought in during World War 1 to save on coal, but others have been credited with inventing it for having more daylight hours after the working day. Selina was telling me she remembers a time they didn't change the clocks and it wasn't a nice experience.

The bad thing about them going forward is losing an hour in bed, although at least it's over a bank holiday weekend & we can hopefully make up for it slightly. I wonder what time my 2 year old will decide to get up?

How do you cope with the change?

Spring forward clocks

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