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Roma's Milestone Birthday & Life Changes

Roma had a milestone birthday at the weekend, yes it was the big '3-0' and she brought us an amazing toffee birthday cake today - better late than never! She had booked a couple of days off work to spend a long weekend celebrating and so we feared we'd missed out on the new "bring your own birthday cake" tradition.

It was only when I went to light the candles on said birthday cake that the problem appeared. It's always Roma's lighter that I borrow to light these and today she doesn't have it with her. "I've given up smoking now that I'm 30" she says. "Well done" I told her, "how long has it been?" "Two days!" came the reply. I then discovered that Jonny has also given up after a short break in Spain where he over did things quite a lot. They will hopefully be able to encourage each other through it. So now no- one in our entire warehouse or office is a smoker. Baskets Galore is a smoke free zone!  Hooray!  Lets see if it lasts.  Who will be the first to cave in, if at all?  I wish them both every success for the future.

Did you make any radical life changes when you hit a milestone birthday? BasketsGalore have a special range of birthday baskets specifically for those big birthdays featuring age mugs, gift cards, birthday balloons and cakes. We all deserved to be spoiled, especially on those extra special birthdays. Come to think of it I must find out what pressies Roma got!


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