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New Baby Foal Gift Basket

Over the years Baskets Galore has had many unusual requests for Gift Baskets and this week was no exception. An order for a New Baby with a difference - it's a Foal!

Now what would the new mummy mare like in her Gift Basket? Why how about some delicious hay to munch followed by juicy carrots, with their green stems still on of course, some delicious red and green apples, Great Taste Award Oats (of course we maintain our Gold standards even for horses) and polo mints for afters. There was also a nice bottle of wine for her owners to toast their new arrival.

We hope she enjoyed the contents and that mum and foal are doing well! Maybe this will start a trend for other Pet Themed Gift Baskets.  The only trouble is that dog and cat owners require more specific items of food for their pets so it is difficult to create a generic basket for either. We will continue to work on it though.  In the mean-time we are always happy to include personally requested items in any of featured Gift Baskets or Hampers.

Horse Gift Basket

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