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Illnesses At Inappropriate Times

How come our bodies choose to let us down as some really vital times? I know there's never really a 'good' time to be sick, but you can bet we've all missed an important event, meeting or appointment due to illness at some stage in our lives.

I normally struggle on into work regardless unless I'm really incapacitated, but unfortunately I caught the latest terrible vomiting bug last Wednesday night & had to take a sick day. Thursday was going to be a really busy day for us, with hundreds of Mother's Day gift basket orders being dispatched. Perfect timing eh. I tried my best to get up and ready, but was struggling dressing and feeding my 2 year old son Rowan. His grandparents arrived to collect him and I burst into tears, I wasn't going anywhere! I'm sure you know by now we're a family business & so I phoned my sister who told me not to worry, they'd be fine. They know it must be bad if one of us is off, especially at such a busy time.

Luckily they coped fabulously in the office without me & so I guess I'm not really needed after all! It's good to know that we have the systems in place to cope at busy times with fewer staff members, as it means we're doing something right and your colleagues step up to help cover for you. Back when BasketsGalore first started there were only a few of us, so if 1 person was off during a peak time it was very difficult to operate. We had to make sure no holidays were booked during any gift gift occasion times, and even now no-one is authorised to book holidays in November/December due to the Christmas rush.

Have you ever had to let people down due to an illness or injury? I don't think they really feel let down though, when they know how unwell you are. Every day we dispatch get well gift baskets to people from their work colleagues, so it seems like they actually just miss you and wish you a speedy recovery. We find they are particularly popular as get well gifts for males, as flowers may not always be appropriate for gentlemen. Here are a few examples of corporate gift baskets we've dispatched lately to poorly colleagues.



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