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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Mother’s Day Gifts 07.03.16

So, now that the weekend is over, I guess it's time to pop the question of "So what did you get you mum for Mother's day?" If your answer is "Oh dear, I forgot!" then please rest assured you are not the only one as it seems like some of us are a bit on the tardy side as well.

We have a lot of baskets leaving our depots today and most of them are still Mother's Day gifts, from people who forgot and from people who preferred to send the gift a bit late (maybe their mum was in Poland too?)

Below are our top contenders for Mother's Day gifts today.

7th March MD BasketsStarting from the top, it's the All Mum's Favourites gift basket, containing all of mummy's favourite treats - chocolates, delicious chocolate waffles, a Special Mum mug with a sentiment from the heart message printed on its side and a truly divine jar of lemon curd that is so delightful, she would want it on toast every morning I'm sure. I know I would.

Moving to the basket fo the left with the pink decorative fabric flower posy. It's the ever popular Mother's Day Flowers and Treats basket. Perfect for female recipients, this basket has a Mother's Day balloon (the one at the centre fo the picture) and a potted flowering plant which you can see just peeking out from behind the basket. It's a basket with a good mix of food and pamper-y treats. Chocolate items, a slab of Cranberry and White Chocolate Fudge, some baked times and topped off with a scented candle and Arboria Hand Lotion. The perfect mummy-pleaser.

The last basket, is the Spa At Home basket. As you can see, I chose to include on which is already cellophane wrapped, just for you to see how perfect the gift looks once completed. Spa At Home is designed purely for pampering. It still has a box of Lily O Brien's Dessert Chocolate Collection, but who doesn't want a bite of something indulgent when they have their feet propped up, eyes under a relaxer mask, a scented candle mixing with the lavender, bergamot and mandarin massage oil? No need for a fancy trip to a spa. This basket would do the trick.


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