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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 31.03.16

I walked into the packaging area of the warehouse today and was greeted with the cutest balloon ever!

2407787 All Things Nice Birthday

It's a giant birthday cupcake! And it was surprisingly big! It was awesome! Everybody should get one of these for their birthdays. Look at it! It's so happy! And it's going with our All Things Nice Birthday basket which is a gift from Julie (Dublin, IE) for birthday girl Amanda (Bromsgrove, UK) I cannot decipher the message because it's some sort of acronym for something??? Let's throw it in google to see what stylish kids these days mean by it. D'aaaaw, "You Know I Love You" okay, that is cute but I think I'm not trendy and modern enough to use something like that yet. My family would all be scratching their heads if I do. We hope Amanda knows what it means.

Speaking of messages, the next one is rather cute.

247665 Great Minds for Her

Going with this Great Minds For Her gift basket, the sender, Sally (Queensland, AU) wrote that she had read about these 'elderflower' drinks we have over here in the UK (wait, I thought they were common place everywhere? Apparently not?) and hope the bottle of elderflower bubbly drink we have in the basket wasn't a 'boutique' drink that might be undrinkable! No worries there, we assure you the elderflower drink in this is very drinkable and tastes delicious. We are sure, Sarah (Campbeltown, UK) would enjoy it.

And to finish off today's basket dispatch blog, I can't just go through this all and not point out a baby basket, can I? Of course not. Let's pan my phone camera over here and have a look at this sizable gift for a little boy arrival in London, UK.

2407849 Special Baby Boy

The sender, Ahmed, had actually ordered this Special Baby Boy basket to be delivered to himself and also chosen for it to be there by 12 noon tomorrow. Would it be safe to presume that he wants the gift to arrive at his doorstep in the morning, which would give him enough time to add on his own gift card (he didn't leave one with us) and then surprise the recipient with it in a grand flourish of sunshines, smiles and laughter?

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