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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 17.03.16

This morning, we got a note from one of our customers who had a rather specific request for her gift basket. She had placed an order with us but wants to double-check with us that the basket does not contain any contents which has the word 'stress' written on it. Normally this would be no problem, but as she had picked a pamper-style basket, suddenly we're all running around checking the labelling because we are pretty sure 'stress-free' and 'de-stress' are fairly common words on pamper product packaging.

In the end, the wasn't anything in the basket we had to particularly worry about and the only thing we cannot guarantee is the magazine contents at this stage. As much as we certainly would not mind spending our days doing, we don't have the luxury of reading a magazine from page to page to make sure it does not contain the word 'stress' when so many orders are leaving our depot. Thankfully, the customer understands this and we at least managed to find a magazine where the word doesn't appear on the front cover.

Now, if something like stressing over the word 'stress' is too much for you, you can go for alternative, safer options, like.... Golden Touch!

2407533 Golden Touch

It comes with a box of Golden Earl Grey Afternoon Tea and is perfect for a moment of simple relaxing with a cuppa and chocolate. And there's no possible 'stress'ful magazine to risk either. Also perfect for sending to somebody who you might not know the magazine preference of. Wouldn't it be a horror to send somebody a gift with a cosy home and garden style magazine, only to find that they don't like home decoration and would vastly prefer if you sent them something completely the opposite?

Or, if pampering isn't very appropriate - you can't exactly kick off your shoes and put an eye mask on in an office - then consider a food basket.

CORP - Welcome Gift Basket

A Welcome Gift Basket to be exact. This basket was originally created as a custom welcome basket for one of our corporate customers. It had proved so well received that we decided to put the basket online and have it available for ordering by everybody else as well. Containing cupcakes, chocolates, waffles and tea, it's the ideal welcome gift for any colleague or office. That's food for afternoon tea breaks sorted for everybody!

Or, rather than welcoming to an office, maybe you want to welcome somebody to the world with a baby basket?

2407600 Celebration Baby Boy

With a bottle for the bear, a bottle of mummy and daddy, and a bottle of skin care lotion for the baby, the Celebration Baby Boy basket is great for welcome newborns to the family. Today's basket is going to Bex and Charlie in York who is celebrating the arrival of baby Alfie. Congratulations!

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