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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 17.03.16

As somebody who had been unwell recently, I cannot tell you how much seeing a fruit basket really does pick up your mood. The colours, the freshness, the thought behind the gift. You cannot help but let a smile wash over your features to replace the doom-gloom grey clouds being ill is colouring you with.

Our first fruit basket of the day goes to Steve in Newport who is recovering from a knee operation.

2407550 Fruit Oasis

Yvonne, Simon, Daniel and Heather had organised this Fruit Oasis for Steve to wish him a speedy recovery and to let him know that they are thinking of him as he rest up after the operation. Just look at the assortment of fruit! Grapes, melon, coconut, clementines, apples and beautiful plums as well. This basket is a perfect pick me up.

And if a selection of only fruit is not a good enough 'pick me up' how about just going for one of our Pick Me Up baskets.

2407576 Pick Me Up for Her

We have a Pick Me Up for Her basket in queue to be wrapped, boxed and leave our warehouse. Hoagie bear, we are hereby trusting you with the great task of accompanying all the fruits and chocolates in this large basket, protect them with your trusty Get Well Balloon and be set to use all your other weapons (be it fluffy charm, cuddly tum or that good reading material you're rest on) to help the recipient, Tina in Bromley, get well soon.

Well, let's leave Hoagie to prepare for battle and win the recipient's smile, and let's move onto the last fruit basket I want to showcase today.

1002304 Active Mind

This is the Active Mind basket. It was ordered by Eugenia in San Francisco, US and is going to be delivered to John in London. What I want to call particular attention to is actually the wooden puzzles in this basket. Yes, they're new! A set of perplexing wooden puzzles to intrigue and challenge the mind as you rest and lots of fruit to help you along. What could be a better way to fight boredom when you're sick than a puzzle which is so simple yet mind-boggling at the same time? Personally, I'd prefer this way over an old-fashioned word search puzzle. Have fun, John!

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