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Baby Bandana Bibs - My Most Used Items

During my lunch break I've just purchased a bulk supply of bandana/triangle bibs for my son Rowan. He may be almost 2.5 years old, but he still dribbles like a trooper. We were at the dentist this week and she thinks his teeth are all through now, but I still catch him biting down on things so hopefully when they're all fully through the dribbling/drooling might stop. I've been buying new ones as we go along, but some are in desperate need of the bin at this stage.

I've been Googling if there might be something wrong if he's still dribbling at this toddler stage, and various suggestions come up such as potentially needing adenoids removed or speech therapy. There's certainly nothing wrong with his speech, in fact he never stops talking. The only words he struggles with are track & truck which unfortunately come out as "f's" and so sound like he's saying something rude! He's also a funny, intelligent, loving, happy little boy so I am not complaining at all! I am of course completely biased being his mum. He's had a few colds lately and so the dribbling gets worse when his little nose is blocked.

Did your child/children dribble much, and if so have you any tips for helping them to control their swallowing? I tried to source bibs for our baby gift baskets before but didn't have much luck. We did have Disney bibs and personalised mummy and daddy ones in previous years, but unfortunately they got discontinued. If you are a bib manufacturer drop us a line & I'll be happy to test any free samples!

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