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Who's For Christmas Pudding?

Yes, we are still getting orders for Christmas Puddings in February and it led me to thinking that it is a really tasty treat all year round.

I remember visiting relatives in the country, quite some time ago and the lady of the house was steaming puddings over a large vat of bubbling water on her cooker range. She said they ate it all the time with a little butter on it and that her family could hardly wait for it to cool before getting stuck in. My husband was not a great one for sweet cakes, but he really enjoyed it. When you think about it, with it being steamed, it really is a remarkably healthy treat. My granny used to fry up left over Christmas pudding for breakfast but that was in the days before healthy eating took over- my grandfather lived well into his nineties however! We have left our Artisan Bakery Christmas Puddings in the Bakery section of our  'Create Your Own Site' so that you can test my theory for yourself.  Enjoy!

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