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The Life Of A Baskets Galore Customer Service Advisor: During The Busiest Time Of Year!

Welcome Back to: A Week In The Life Of A Baskets Galore Customer Service Advisor! We have decided to take you back to our most busiest time of year - CHRISTMAS. I guess you can say we are really just winding down from the Christmas period, so let's get stuck in.

I will begin with - How I Helped A Customer:

This is an easy and difficult topic to write about because I must have helped hundreds of customers this year, so there are too many examples to choose from ;) However, I will go through some of the most popular problems customers have:

  • Forgetting To Add A Gift Message - I would email the customers regarding this then add their personal Gift Message. This means these orders are pulled aside and put into a 'Problem Folder' while I await their reply.
  • Not Including A Local Contact Number - This means if the Courier cannot locate, we cannot call to help reschedule delivery. This is always a popular problem at BG, so again these go into the 'Problem Folder'.
  • Mistaken Address - This is a very popular mistake particular for our customers abroad. They will include mistakes such as a an incorrect Postcode or not providing this, incorrect street name or number, an old address they have taken from their Address Book, when recipient has moved, no town name only county etc. It's tough work address checking and again, any problems move into the dreaded 'Problem Folder'.

However, I am pleased to reveal ALL problems were resolved just before the Cut Off for Christmas... Woo Hoo!


Something Nice/Rewarding That Happened:

I thought instead of telling you about all of our lovely customers, I would let you read some of their marvelous reviews:

'You guys are fantastic! I always order too late and you always deliver on time. I really appreciate your service as I can give my friends and family in England a great gift although I live so far away. Thank you, Linda'

'Amazing customer service - I had the wrong address and emailed to change. Lauren was fantastic and updated it straight away, really pleased with the level of service. would definitely use this service again'

'Can't speak highly enough of the quality of the hamper and the service. This was a Christmas gift for my nephew and his family and considering the hamper was only delivered today, I've already had two texts from him telling me of its quality and how impressive it is.'

'Thank you!! I wish I could be on the receiving end of your service, rather than the purchasing end! My niece, the lucky recipient of your cheese basket, raved about it, noting in particular the great selection in the basket. Thank you for helping me bridge the 12000 miles at Christmas.'

One word...WOW... what tremendous Reviews?! And don't forget you can read all our Reviews HERE

Seasonal Review

Something Difficult/Frustrating That Happened:

Of course, as more orders came through here at BG, they sometimes bring us some problems and I have picked out a few of the pulling-your-hair-out worthy situations we experienced this year.

As mentioned, some of our customers, particularly living afar, provide the incorrect address. One day we were contacted by a very upset customer whose Gift Basket had not been delivered to her sister. Although delivery had been signed for - Uh-Oh! When I investigated this with DHL everything seemed in order and the Courier even went to the address and double checked this was the correct house - so what gives?

Well, it turns out our customer noted number 5 and not 15 in the address, so delivery was signed for by the recipient at the original address. After speaking with both our customer and the recipient, we organsied for the Gift Basket to be collected and Christmas was saved!

Also, one very popular question we are asked at Christmas is 'Where is my Gift Message?' At Christmas, we change the Gift Messages from Cards to a Gift Note that comes on the front of the delivery box instead of inside. I'm sure you can guess a lot of recipients didn't notice this :/

Another common gripe this year was regarding the delivery time of the Gift Baskets, we always deliver on a best endeavour basis and due to the insane amount of deliveries in the network, delivery can either be a little early or late.

We received a quite heated message from one of our customers:

'The basket order was for delivery on 22 December. It was delivered 20 December WITHOUT ANY INDICATION OF WHO IT WAS FROM AND WITHOUT THE MESSAGE I HAD STIPULATED'

Unfortunately, one of the Courier Depots had an immense amount of deliveries to make and ended up delivering everything that came into their depot - over the weekend (which they do not normally do). This resulted in delivery being made very surprisingly on a Sunday! In addition to this, the recipient also missed their Gift Message that was on the delivery box. However, this was all resolved and I trust the recipient enjoyed their tasty Gift Basket :)


Best Gift Basket:

This Christmas a quirky little Gift Basket was created at BG Headquarters and it goes by the name of Ting-A-Tangalicious! Made up with the perfect combination of Sauvignon Blanc, heavenly chocolates, waffles and cake to juicy sweets and fresh Biscotti. This made one perfect Christmas Gift but don't panic - it's still in stock and perfect for many more occasions :)


Most Excited Purchaser/Recipient Of A Gift Basket:

I have two FANTASTIC Reviews submitted from one of our Customers and one from a Recipient who received a Gift Basket over Christmas. To me, these Reviews are exactly why Baskets Galore was created:

'I ordered from you for the first time and couldn't be happier, I sent a Christmas Hamper to my Mother and not only did it arrive on time but was spectacular! She loved it and told me it made her feel like a kid at Christmas :) Thank you so much for your beautiful products and company for helping me to be with my parents in spirit if not in person.'


'My daughter sent us a Christmas festive hamper to share with the family on Christmas day. The parcel arrived beautifully packaged and when we unpacked it we found a fabulous wicker hamper packed full with gorgeous hand picked foodie treats and locally sourced to the company in Belfast which I loved.

The Christmas cake and mince pies were moist ,really fresh and some of the best I've tasted. The Jam's delicious, the fruit crushes very fruity and the handmade fudge absolutely yummy.In fact everything was fantastic ...Thank you for making Christmas special.'


Something Funny That Happened:

A very popular aspect at BG this year was our Live Chat Application, so we got A LOT of enquiries and some of the memorable ones were:

  • Do you send all the items to me and I have to make the Basket? - Regarding our Create Your Own Site.
  • If you are ever in Bermuda, please feel free to call me - Response to assisting with an Order.
  • Do you send me the Gift Card so I sign it, then send it back to you? - Regarding writing a Gift Message.
  • Do you deliver on Christmas Day? - Regarding the Couriers Delivery Hours.
  • There is an alien on my wallpapaer - Unsure what this regarded and our chatter swiftly left the chat.


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