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Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day: 9th February 2016

Shrove Tuesday immediately precedes Ash Wednesday and is meant to mark feast and celebration before the start of Lent when many people choose to fast, or give something they normally enjoy eating up.

Better known as 'Pancake Day' this is the one day in the year when you really must get out the frying pan and make some of your own. Shop bought pancakes are really little drop scones and not the real thing. It is now possible to buy ready made pancakes in the shops but it's hard to beat the real thing. So why not 'beat' up one cup of flour, one cup of milk and 2 large eggs for yourself and have a go! Tossing is optional. Roll each one up with your choice of filling such as sugar and lemon juice, jam, honey or chocolate spread or try a savoury filling like cheese & ham. They are all delicious! Which filling is your favourite? Good Luck.

pancake day

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