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Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We've been so busy planning our Valentine's Day Gifts for BasketsGalore that it can be easy to leave getting gifts for our own other halves until the last minute. This happens at Christmas time too, when we work so much it's impossible to get to the shops.  I asked around the office, and some of my colleagues are organised and already have their gifts arranged, some aren't doing gifts and some still haven't bought anything yet!

Laura & Jonny are the organised ones with ice skates and a gin lovers diary being their gift choices. Roma says that they aren't doing presents and are going out for a meal instead & Kate is avoiding being set up on a blind date! Lynne says Stephen bought himself a kayak and has been lovingly polishing it in the kitchen (with help from Katherine!) Lynne is going to get him some whiskey from her, but not for use at the same time! I also picked my own present (ceramic heated hair rollers) but Andy hasn't told me what he wants yet. I usually end up getting him tickets to a gig. Can you tell Lynne & I are the old married ones? Victoria has gone with the best present of all....a customised BasketsGalore Gift Basket, with some little extra's added in! Come to think of it, I hope no-one's other halves read this blog before Sunday or their surprises might be ruined!

We certainly had plenty of Valentine's Day Gift Baskets shipping today, and although it doesn't seem THAT last minute, today was actually the last day to order to avail of the cheaper weekday delivery rate. Any gifts we dispatch today go on an overnight service and so will arrive tomorrow, Friday 12th February. The courier/delivery companies don't count the weekends as standard delivery days and so we need to ship everything by Thursday if an event or holiday falls on a weekend. Florists can offer delivery on weekends as they are local to the area, whereas all our gifts come from a central warehouse and so go on an overnight weekday service. The good thing about this is that what you see is exactly what you get.

You can pay a bit extra for a Saturday delivery to a UK address however, and so if you have forgotten to organise a gift or are simply stuck for ideas then check out our range of Valentine's Day Gift Baskets and place your order before 3pm GMT tomorrow, Friday 12th February, selecting the Saturday delivery service. You can even 'Create Your Own' if you prefer.

Here are a few examples of the romantic gift baskets were have been sending out over the last few days for inspiration.

What have you bought your other half for Valentine's Day or do you not bother with presents?

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