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Jigsaw Gift Baskets

Up until recently my son Rowan's favourite toys have been his Thomas The Tank Engine die cast trains. He got Tidmouth sheds for his 1st birthday & we put it away for a few months until he was a little bit older. He then spotted it, not very well hidden obviously, and now has a collection of about 40 trains! We honestly thought we could probably pack away all his other toys and he wouldn't even notice!

In the last few weeks he has started to really enjoy doing jigsaws at his nanny's house. She had some for slightly older children as she looks after Rowan and his older cousins. We had a couple in our house, but they were only a few pieces so he obviously found these too easy! We've since bought a few others for him, for ages 3+ with a few more pieces, but he manages to complete them quite easily (with a little bit of assistance).

We find jigsaws to be a popular gift choice in our gift baskets for children and also in our get well gift baskets for adults. They are both educational and fun for children, and help keep the old brain ticking over for us adults and pass the time when recovering. We were recently talking about colouring books for adults, do you think these would catch on in get well gift baskets?


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