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Friendship Gifts on Facebook Friends Day

When I woke up this morning and checked Facebook I noticed they had put together a little "Friendship" video to mark their 12th anniversary as #FriendsDay.

To be fair most of mine were actually family pictures, but still, it was a nice sentiment and prompted me to put together a little bit about Friendship Gifts.

Friends Day

Doing the 'Daily Dispatch' blog helps us to learn which are the most popular gift baskets and for what occasions. I remembered photographing a birthday basket recently with a lovely 'Friendship' theme and gift card message. We get quite a few orders with lovely messages about them being the best of friends, but this one was a "Create Your Own" gift basket and they had picked the "Friends Forever" wine glass to really theme it.

Other "Friend" themed items we have to include are Cozy Friends Hotties, Friend Mugs, Friend Bookmarks & Witty Friends Plaques from companies such as East of India, Xpressions4u and Aroma Home.

I always remember this lovely saying too, for friends we may not see as much as we would like:

"Goods Friends Are Like Stars. You Don't Always See Them, But You Know They're Always There"

I'm looking forward to a girly night out tomorrow with my old school friends, it really is good to talk. We make an effort to all try and get together at the one time every couple of months, for dinner or a drink. Do you get to see your friends as much as you would like?

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