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Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

I don't know about you, but I tend to find buying gifts for girls/women/ladies much easier than for the male variety. There is just so much more choice for women from flowers, to perfume, to lotions & potions, to make up. to jewellery, to shoes, to handbags or spa days. I know men would probably enjoy some of these things too, but then there are the majority who "don't know what they want". They usually already have the latest gadget or boys toy and everyone just downloads music and movies these days.

My husband's birthday is coming up on Wednesday, and it's only 10 days after Valentine's Day which means I have to think of 2 presents in a short time period. At Christmas time he normally gives me an idea or two for potential presents, and then I also get him a few little surprises. From the start of February I've been asking what he would like & he hasn't been able to come up with anything. In the end I opted for beer and a voucher for Valentine's, as he likes to pick his own clothes.

So if it's this hard to think of a gift for someone you live with what must it be like thinking of gift ideas for someone you don't know as well? This is were BasketsGalore's birthday gift baskets come in really handy! You can opt for a more general gift basket, for a work colleague for example, or if you know the recipient better you can personalise it with their favourite magazines, books, plaques or mugs.

We also categorise them according to age and gender to make things easier for you, and help you select the perfect birthday gift for them.

Here are some of the birthday gifts baskets we've been sending out this month. You can see they range from fresh fruit ones, to gourmet meats, to cheese & wine to pampering products and age specific gifts for milestone birthdays.

What would feature in your perfect birthday gift basket?

By the way, Andy eventually opted for a football shirt for his birthday as he got tickets to them play in the Euro's this June. Now I just need to come up with a little surprise or two and something from our son Rowan. Mm, a gift basket perhaps?

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