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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 25.02.16

It is a sheer coincidence that at the same time I was typing this part of my blog today that I got an email from a corporate client wishing to order the exact same basket I am about to type about.1002261 Winter MagicIt's a basket from our sale range - Winter Magic.  Featuring a lot of bakery products such as muffins, cupcakes and cakes, this is the perfect ambient basket to send to perk up wintery cold nights. It also contains a good selection of chocolates too because it is exactly these kind of blustery cold weather that we need that bit of indulgent nibbles for after dinner and evening wind downs with a cup of tea. This one was ordered for the lovely Lindsay (Hatfield, UK) who is celebrating her birthday tomorrow.

So apart from baked goods and chocolate, what else is perfect of relaxing with in the evening? I think a pamper sesson is just the thing you need.

2407062 Spat At Home

To get that spa-like treatment for the recipient without them having to leave their own home, simply arm them with this Spa At Home gift basket. Start of with a bath using bath tea bags to infuse the water with glorious aromas, we could then move onto a lavender scented microwaveable body wrap, followed by lighting up a scented candle, then kick up your feet and pull on an eye relaxer mask (no pesky need to slice up cucumbers here). Perfection!

We even have pamper baskets for pregnant ladies as well, like this Pregnancy Pamper gift basket.

1201008 Pregnancy PamperIt doesn't contain the same kind of pamper items as we know soon-to-be mummies needs a different kind of pamper experience. You can't just use scented massage oils randomly, right? So instead, we focus on giving mummy a chance to time out, sit back and relax instead with some chocolates, refreshing tea and a light-hearted novel. Further pampering is available in the Natalia Relaxation gift Box which contains a bath soak, bath oil and morning sickness ease (pulse pointer) all designed for pre-natal use.

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