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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gift Baskets 25.02.16

You know how I sometimes whine about going out into the warehouse too late and some of the hampers were already wrapped and box, leaving me with scant pickings to photograph from?

Well, as it turns out, today I did the opposite. I went out there too early! And rather than there being lots of hampers, as you might imagine, there wasn't really that many. I could, I suppose, turn right on my heel and come back later, but that would mean messing up the way I had planned my workload today and I can see that the girls in the warehouse really would appreciate if I take the photos and be on my merry way so that they can clear the worktop for their work - Sylwia needed to do professional photography for the new range of baskets. So I took my pictures and, of course (of course!) there came a new batch of baskets. Grumble, grumble, moan, moan. Oh wells, the one I got look incredibly stylish anyway.

Like, check out this lovely Customer Creation.

803421 CYO

I pinched Sylwia's photo studio light to test out a few shots and it looked really nice. Almost like the basket was sitting next to a window. It gives this sense of vibrancy and life, doesn't it? This basket was created by Jodie, who is sending it to Rachael (Peterborough, UK). Rachael isn't feeling well so Jodie is sending her this selection of items to "help with the boredom" when Rachael gets "fed up with day time TV!" How nice!

Speaking of helping with the boredom, if you don't know the recipient's interest well enough to customise a gift basket for them, what would you do? Well, worry not. We have you sorted.

1002264 Boredom Buster Get Well

This Boredom Buster Get Well basket is bound to satisfy all poorly patients. It has a bit of everything - fruit, chocolate waffles, baked items, a magazine, a wooden puzzle and a fun balloon to turn sickly complexions to sunny smiles. This one was ordered by Kathy (Montvale, USA) and is going to Pete (London, UK) with all the best wishes for his speedy recovery.

Okay, so you don't want a generic boredom solving basket, maybe something a tad bit more specific but not to the extent of full customization? How about a Get Well Fruit Basket for Him?

2407060 GW Fruit For Him

With chocolate, snacks, sweeties, toffee waffles, more puzzles and a choice of magazine, this ups the Boredom Buster basket slightly in terms of content and also in making sure it's just that bit more focused on what the end recipient would like. David (Roseville, AU) chose this basket for Tomas (Oxford, UK) and decided that the recipient would enjoy having a not only a balloon with the basket, but also that he would like the magazine he picked out for him too. Don't forget we have a "For Her" variant of this basket as well. That's Get Well gifting sorted.

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