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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gift Baskets 18.02.16

Yesterday we had a fruit basket getting special amendments to add lychees to the list of contents. Today, we don't really have such an exotic request (lychees aren't really in season right now any way) but we do have a customer ordering a Sweet Fruit Delights basket with the possibility of adding a book to the basket.

2406911 Sweet Fruit DelightsAgne in Canada wanted to order this for Andrius (Newry, Northern Ireland) and had included in her order delivery comments for us to add a novel for a male recipient into the basket. Our admin team had spotted this and had immediately contacted Agne to confirm the book with her. If you ever want to send a basket and wants that little something extra to be included, please feel free to contact us through email and our team would always be happy to assist as much as we can with the request.

Then, over at another side of the countertops, we have two Get Well Fruit Baskets for Him leaving our depot.

Get Well Fruit Basket for HimI only took a picture of one basket because the other one was still waiting for a few items of fruit. One of these baskets is going to Michael (Maidenhead, UK) Ordered by Richard, Shirley, Kari, Ben, Alec, Kelly, Leo, Nicole, Charlie and Jake, this basket is sent with their prayers and thoughts. They hope this basket of goodies would help Michael regain his strength again.

The final basket is a bit different from the usual fruit basket. It's a customer creation.

803417 CYOAs you can see, the fruit (o.m.g. mango!) does not play a major role in the basket. Rather they really bring out the uniqueness of this basket Rebecca (Bangor, Northern Ireland) put together for her friend Ting (Kenilworth) Rebecca wants to send this basket to help Ting celebrate her birthday, making especially sure to include Northern Irish crisps in the selection. Maybe Ting really likes Northern Irish crisps? I wonder if crisps goes with mango. In fact, even better: I wonder if there are any mango flavoured crisps! I wish!

You know what, I seem to talk about mangoes a lot. In fact, so that I can observe the trend of my babbling better. I'm going to tag all blog posts I mention the fruit in 'mango' so that I can look back in the future and be amazed at how obsess I must come across as with the fruit.

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