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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gift Baskets 10.02.16

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, it's expected that we would be dispatching lots of flowering plants today. But before we get to the beautiful floral baskets, let's cover a basket which ISN'T for the romantic occasion first.

2406407 Detoxify for Her

This gorgeous Detoxify for Her basket is going to be in the hands of Julie tomorrow, in Worchester Park. From the looks of the gift message, it looks likes the basket was ordered by a company to celebrate Julie's birthday. Sure to brighten up any birthday, especially during this dreary weather we're experiencing, this basket contains a selection of colourful fresh fruit and various pamper and relaxation items for the recipient to enjoy. There is the Tingli Head Massager, which is true to its name, rather tingly and might take a few goes to get used to, but once you are, it's very soothing. Then massage oils alongside reflexology socks and a neat wooden foot massager, perfect for relieving tired muscles, knots and improve circulation. Mmm, niiiice. Now I want a massage too!

Next up, I cannot tell if this is a gift for Valentine's or not.

2406734 Flowers and ChocolateChristopher (in Tewkesbury) had ordered this Flowers & Chocolate gift basket with only a note say 'I love you so much Mrs B'

Is 'Mrs B' their partner hence making this a Valentine's Day gift? Or is she maybe.... his mother? Aunt? Relative? Which card should we use? Valentine's Day? A 'Mum' Card? Or maybe we should choose a safe option and include a generic 'Love' themed card, or would that be too generic? The dilemma of organising gift cards. Thank goodness I'm not in that person's shoes today!

Onto the Valentine's Day baskets proper! There is so many that I barely had any room to arrange baskets out for photos!

Dolce Vita Floral Romance ROW

Look! They're practically coming off the end of the counter top! This is the most popular basket today - the Dolce Vita Floral Romance basket. Each of these baskets comes with a flowering rose plant in a decorative gift bag. And together the basket would look like this:

Dolce Vita Floral Romance

I don't know about you but the basket just look like the perfect romantic gift to me. The colours, the combination of the items and how sweet and tempting it all looks. I would definitely choose this over a bouquet of flowers any day. There would be lucky recipients of these lovely baskets in a great variety of places tomorrow - to list a few, we have one going to Reading, another to Nottingham, more to London, Bolton, Horley, Liverpool and many, many more!

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