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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gift Baskets 03.02.16

With the weather as it is, how many of you hadn't been feeling top form health-wise recently~? I know I haven't. It just seems like I have a continuous string of doctor and hospital appointments lined up to go to. No, I'm really not that sick. Don't worry. It's just all my appointments seem to choose to happen at roughly the same time this month. That's always how it is, is it not? You wait months for a slot, then suddenly bam! Bam! Bam! and they're altogether in one go, that hospital, this clinic, this hospital, that doctor etc.

Well, since I was going to the hospital for an allergy test anyway, I can't help but pay more attention to the hospital and get well gifts being dispatched today.

2406608 Boredom Buster Get Well

As always, the ever popular Boredom Buster Get Well basket is a shoe in as a great get well gift. This one is going to Kylie ('Whylie') in  Canterbury. It's sent by the mysterious 'White Watch' who wishes her as speedy recovery. 'White Watch' had specified that this basket must go with a balloon and also chose a Celebrity magazine such as Hello/OK to go with it as well. Nothing like a bit of showbiz goss as you nibble on some juicy fruit, right?

Next up, let's take a look at the Flavoursome Flowering Gift Basket.

2406610 Flavoursome Flowering

Mmmm, this is my idea of a perfect fruit basket. Why? Because it has cheese! Three whole truckles of them as well! Chocolates, cheese, fruit, biscuits, crisps and flowers. That is a formula for ideal gift if you ask me. This basket is for Don and June in London. Tracey, in Australia, hopes Don feels better soon and she left a sweet note with the basket informing them that she would ring them this weekend as well. Sounds like on organised and thoughtful lady, that Tracey.

Last up, we have an Active Mind leaving out warehouse today as well.

2406601 Active Mind

Not as big and fancy as the Boredom Buster, but petit and perfect for sending as a little surprise to any poorly patient.  It comes with a a selection of fruit, a wooden puzzle and number crunching puzzle and book as well to keep the recipient nice and casually busy as they rest up. Today's Active Mind was ordered by Tricia who wants Andrew, in Abertillery, to keep his chin up as he recovers from being under the weather.

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