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National Breakfast Week Gift Ideas

We noticed this week happened to be National Breakfast Week and so thought we would take the opportunity to show you some appropriate gift basket ideas to help celebrate.

Apparently only 2/3's of us eat breakfast in the morning, despite it being the most important meal of the day. I for one always need to have something to eat and a good cup of tea in the morning before I can function properly. During the week I tend to eat cereal, and at the weekends treat the family to a cooked breakfast.

National Breakfast Week

Our Breakfast and Brunch gift baskets are very popular and so we think our lovely customers must also be fans of breakfast. In them you can expect to receive items such as muesli , marmalade, tea, coffee, fruit juice, muffins and even smoked salmon and bacon. The only thing we can't include is the milk and butter, although we have had requests for these!

Which kind of breakfast is your favourite?

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