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Dry January Alternative Drinks

I can understand why people decide to participate in Dry January, but I also think it's probably quite a hard month to complete it in too. Yes you want to detox after the Christmas excess, but then January is also a very long month with pay day seeming a long way off and so a little drink of an evening or weekend can be a little treat to look forward to. However, I suppose when you enjoy a little tipple then you would find any month of giving it up difficult. So 'Congratulations' if you are taking part & are almost at the end now!

I found this great website that tells you all the perks of giving up the booze for a month, including better sleep, weight loss and money saving. You can read all about them here.

At BasketsGalore we specialise in non-alcoholic gift hampers anyway and so thought we'd share some alternative drink options with you, all available here from BasketsGalore. We stock tea, coffee and hot chocolate from SD Bells, Qi, Ristretto & Choc+, Fruit Juice from McCann's and Organic Lemonade & Ginger Beer from Luscombe.

Have you been taking part in Dry January, and if so what have you substituted for the wine, beer, cider or spirits?

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