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Birthday Traditions: New & Old

We've had a few birthdays in the BG office lately and they all groan when I try to get a quick photo of them for our Facebook page! Victoria took the day off for her birthday a couple of Friday's ago and enjoyed a day out shopping, having lunch and going to the cinema. We always used to try and remember to get a birthday cake for the birthday boy/girl, or in Jonny's case a mince pie as his birthday was just before Christmas. However, this year we decided that whoever's birthday it is has to bring in cake or buns themselves, and that way no-one will get forgotten about. I didn't get a cake last year as my birthday was just before Father's Day in June and everyone was too busy rushing orders out, poor me!

Victoria was first to trial this new tradition and brought in a lovely, homemade cake for us all to share. I was off that day & missed out, but Lynne managed to get a quick snap on my behalf.

victoria birthday 2016

Do you have any birthday traditions, either family or work ones? We always try to have a family get together, either eating out somewhere or a takeaway and some cake at home as no matter how old you get it is still nice to be remembered on your birthday. In fact some of our best selling gift baskets are for grandparents: Special Grandad and Special Grandma/Nana and we've had a couple of 100th birthdays lately, so you should never stop celebrating!

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