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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 21.01.16

Sometimes, you head out into the warehouse and you think 'Okay, I'm nice and early, there is bound to be lots of baskets and hampers to take pictures of' except, to you find that even though you were early, you were still too late and some of them had been placed in boxes already.

Most of the time, I will just leave these boxes alone and just take pictures of those still sitting out. But then I just saw this one and just HAD to pull it out of the box (it wasn't taped up yet, no worries!), HAD to open it up and HAD to arrange everything around it all perfect.

1002205 GTA Gold

I think it was worth it, yes? It's a Great Taste Award Gold hamper - one of my favourites. With many award-winning products, this hamper could earn gold medals in many recipient's hearts. Today's Gold hamper is going to London, for a lady called Jacqueline. It was ordered by Alfred in Miami, US, as thank you for Jacqueline's hospitality and love. Alfred also noted that he and Diane 'WILL BE BACK!!' - capital letters and exclamation marks included.

If this hamper is a bit too big for your liking (no such thing!), and you want something a bit smaller, you can consider our Ancient York hamper.

2406383 Ancient York

This hamper is designed with small office team sharing in mind, perfect for sending as thank you for corporate teams and companies for their help. It comes with tea, chocolates, biscuits and baked goods such as muffins for the team to share during their tea-break. This particular Ancient York gift basket is going to be happily received in Barnsley tomorrow to a team of people who had helped Farah with his mortgage. He thanks you a lot and greatly appreciate their help and advice.

Or, maybe you want a hamper that's in between smaller and bigger? Something that is a bit more fancy, a bit more.... customised?

803374 CYO

Then maybe something like Create Your Own Gift Basket is the best route for you. You get to pick and choose each item you wish to include, work at your budget, item preferences and have a bit more control over the size of the gift. The customer creation above has a salmon, ham, cheese and a smoked duck breast as well - definitely fancy. It's going to Helen and Sten in Hudderfield to celebrate the arrival of their baby daughter Eliza. The sender, Beccy, said it's something for them to enjoy that is not baby clothes and toys. Nice!

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