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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 14.01.16

We are getting a yellow weather warning on the radio today. In fact, the radio is informing us of this so many times and hour that it's starting to make me wonder if this would be a valid excuse to go home early. After all, who doesn't want to go home and snuggle up warm before this supposed sleet, snow, rain, hail, whatever hits? Now, what is your must have bit of food you would love to snuggle up in front of a fire with?

Usually, mine is a hot bowl of soup but since soups have yet to be found in our hampers, I can settle for the next best alternative - cheese!

2406284 Cheesy Sunshine and Wine Duo

The Cheesy Sunshine and Wine Duo hamper comes with 3 delicious blocks of cheese: one garlic and herb (yummy when smeared on biscuits and crackers), one vintage cheddar (perfect with wine) and my personal favourite, a Red Leicester. I am also very pleased to have recently converted my mum to liking the Red Leicester cheese as well and she is one picky cheese eater - brie and nothing else. I say that's a good start to the new year. This cheesy yum-yum in your tum hamper is going to Bronagh in Carrickfergus. Oh, that's just across the waters from our head office!

Next up, we have two Great Taste Award Bronze hampers. I took one picture of one closed and prettily tied, and another with the contents laid out.

The first Bronze hamper is for the Mistry family in Bradford. The second one is to Mike and Anne in Derby. Faye (also in Derby) wants to send this with 'lots of slobbery kisses' and to thank them for training and guiding her through the early stages of her life. We get lots of kisses and hugs send in the gift card messages, but I must say this is the first time I've seen 'slobbery kisses' being sent. It sounds rather cute in a fun kind of way, actually.


Now, what do you get if you merge something from our Artisan range with a Great Taste Award Bronze hamper? The answer, the Artisan Bronze.

2406290 Artisan BronzeArtisan products, mixed with award winning items. Sounds like a guarantee crowd pleaser to me. Just look at the amount of deli products that's in this wonderful beauty. There is salami, air-dried lamb (I don't eat lamb but I tried this and it's divine), salmon, ham and is that a piece of smoked duck breast peeking out on the far right? Mmmmmm~

Grandma Toby in Pewsey would be getting this hamper of wonders. We hope she enjoys the smorgasbord which is this hamper. It's certainly making me hungry just looking at it.

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