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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 21.01.16

Now, I'm not sure what kind of weather you readers are experiencing in your part of the world, but weather at our head office is just miserable. Rain, dark, cloudy, windy, cold, dreary and everything. It's weather like this that you simply just wish there was something that could take your mind away from looking out the window and sighing dramatically over how you wish to be elsewhere.

Something exactly like a basket, designed for combat boredom and strive to keep your mind exercising and away from winter blues.

2406385 Great Minds for Him

Such as this Great Minds for Him gift basket. Ordered by Katie in the States and being sent with plenty of pampering wishes to Harry in Edinburgh, this basket contains a lovely bottle of apple and cranberry juice to refresh the tastebuds, chocolate waffles for indulgence and puzzles to keep mind, eyes and hands nice and busy so that there isn't a chance for you to glance up and groan about the weather. There is a wooden construction kit as well and as somebody who loves jigsaws, it's something that looks all exciting to build because it's like a 3D puzzle! Except I'm not very interested in rally cars and flying planes so.... anybody know of a different construction kit?

Then, we have a burst of celebrational fun in the form of a Birthday Party basket.

7908303 Birthday Party

It's Mike's birthday tomorrow and Patrick, from Limerick wants to send him this basket to kickstart his birthday weekend in style. Chocolates, snacks, cheese, juice, cake, candles, a birthday balloon and more yummilicious food items all in one basket. I know I would be delighted to receive something like this for my birthday! We hope you enjoy the assortment of goodies, Mike! Don't forget to share! (Or not, it's your birthday, keep it for yourself!)

And while we move away from a birthday boy, let's move onto two new little girls who have their birthday during this colder time of the year as well.

2406387 and  7908302 Mummy (Daddy) and Me x 2We would like to join the senders of these two beautiful baskets in their welcome wishes to Eabha and Erin May for arriving to the world. One little princess is in Kingston Upon Thames and the other is across the waters in Galway, Ireland. Both  little darlings would be a ray of sunshine with the cute and cheery Frugi bodysuit and we can just about imagine the parent's very happy faces as they take a break from the nappy-changing, hectic feeding and baby-cooing to enjoy the chocolates in these baskets. One basket is  the Mummy & Me basket, the other has an additional bit of chocolate in the shape of a cigar, for daddy (Mummy, Daddy & Me)

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