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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 07.01.16

As somebody who have the majority of my friends living on the other side of the world (gaming together is just chaotic, we're all in different timezones!) it always makes me extra happy to see a lot of orders coming through from customers abroad sending gifts to friends and family over here in the UK.

Just make sure the recipient knows it's coming though. It's all fine and dandy to make it be a mega surprise-surprise but it's not much of a surprise if they're not there to actually receive it. Trust me, as a fellow recipient for surprise gifts from friends across the pond, it's always so exciting to get a package through the door and knowing its coming does not diminish the excitement at all. In fact, it makes me even more eager to see if because whilst I know it's arriving soon, I don't know the contents!

Without further ado, let me present the first gift, a Nature Pure Basket - Baby Boy.

2406180 Nature Pure Baby Boy

A customer in Canada is sending this baby basket to a family who had just welcomed a new baby boy in Sheffield. Aww, I just love the bright sunny smile on the monkey.  Morgan the Monkey is a play and grow toy set to bring bright and cheer to any nursery and outside of it too, as it comes with clip on his head for you to clip onto the pram or baby travel bag. He also have clinky rings and the limbs are all different texture for all the more curious grabbing and playtime.

Over to the other side of the world, Ann from Australia is sending Sarah in Purley this incredible gift basket.

2406179 Ultimate Indulgence

It's the Ultimate Indulgence basket and let's just say it's definitely named correctly as this basket is set to truly the ultimate indulgent gift in a basket. There is a novel, magazine, dvd, hot chocolate with little mallo bits, chocolates, cookies, ooo take a look at the new packaging for the bath tea bags! I wouldn't mind me some of that. Then we have not one, but three different masks - one for the face, one for the hair and the last for the feet. Ah, sounds like a nice relaxing spa like evening as home.

Right, let's go for a basket from a customer more closer to home, shall we?

1200974 Breeze Through Pregnancy

Lauren in Hornchurch is sending this Breeze Through Pregnancy gift basket to Kerry in London. She added on an packet of chocolate buttons and wish to thank Kerry for helping them remortgage their home and here is 'a little indulgence before you become a family of three!'

Aw, how sweet! Just like all the chocolate goodies in this basket. Not only is there the chocolate drink and the chocolate buttons Lauren added, but there is a box of dessert themed chocolates at the back there. You can just about make out the corners of the box. And those little chocolate treats are truly yummy-licious. Why, I can scoff the whole lot in one sitting! Which is probably why it's a good thing that I am not in sitting at the desk nearest the staff kitchen...

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