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When Do You Start Your Christmas Shopping?

For Day 3 of our Advent Calendar we posted asking if people had started their Christmas shopping yet and we received a very wide range of answers!

3. Christmas Shopping


Some people were pleased to tell us that they not only had all their shopping done, but that it was already wrapped and under the tree! Now that is organisation. I was quite proud to have been picking up bits and pieces for my son over the last few weeks, but somehow I always manage to leave the wrapping until Christmas Eve. I think that may be to do with that fact that we work a lot of hours in December, sending out all your lovely Christmas hampers and gift baskets.

Some others replied to say that they hadn't started yet as it was still only early December, but the most popular answer was probably that they had started but weren't finished yet. I suppose it depends on how many gifts you need to buy and your family or work circumstances. Or if you are just an organised/disorganised person.

I much prefer online shopping as I'm not restricted by the time I can shop and it means I can avoid all the crowds. It's also handy for me as I do work a lot in December and so just don't have the time to hit the shops.

We are an online business ourselves and are happy to help shoppers from around the world. We not only create the gift hamper/basket for you, but we add a gift card message and deliver it directly to your loved ones door. Pretty handy if you happen to be living in Australia like my brother, but want to send your mum back home a gift. It avoids all those high shopping costs and the risk of customs delays/charges. We also have lots of customers in our home market too though, who maybe live in a different city to their loved one or who wish to send gifts to a friend, colleague or employee.

We have received quite a lot of early bird orders already, but people are also so used to the speed of ordering online that many still leave it until the last minute. We still dispatch hundreds in the last few days before Christmas on the overnight service. The only thing we do stress is try not to pick a delivery date extremely close to Christmas, as if the recipient isn't home or their is bad weather it doesn't leave us with many days to rearrange deliveries. We must be some of the only people in the world who aren't wishing for a White Christmas. Well Christmas Day would be acceptable as everything is delivered by then anyway!

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