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Is Your Birthday Close To Christmas?

Today is Kasia's birthday and she is celebrating by packing Christmas hampers! Kasia has worked here for a number of years now and so generally spends her birthday this way. She often tells us she is too tired after work to go out partying. I tried to get the traditional embarrassing birthday snap for our Facebook page but she wouldn't pose for one. Instead here is one of the half demolished chocolate birthday cake they brought into work for her and a pretty birthday picture to wish her well.

Do you have a birthday close to Christmas? Lynne and her husband both have birthdays between Christmas & New Years and I always remember her complaining that she wished she had a different birthday. This was because everyone else she knew got a birthday present and a Christmas present, whereas she was fobbed off with just the one to cover both occasions. Not from us of course, we knew better, but from friends and extended family. Our other brother has a birthday at the start of January and often found the same thing. He also found it hard to organise a party with his school friends as it was during the school holidays.

How do you find having a birthday close to Christmas? Perhaps you actually enjoy it during all the other festivities? Or do you have a Christmas Day birthday? We are still shipping out lots of birthday baskets and also some Christmas/Birthday Hampers so it looks like some things never change!


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